Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Beta at Cornell University

New Member Program

We strive to bring women into our Sisterhood who are going to be leaders, contributors and a Sister in every sense of the word. Real Merit and Worth: The New Member Program was designed with this in mind – enhancing leadership skills, setting goals, understanding who Alpha Xi Delta is at her core and providing opportunities for our newest members to create deep, meaningful relationships with each other, the chapter and our national organization. When you join Alpha Xi Delta, you will grow in your talents and strengths, all with the support of your Sisters.

The Alpha Xi Delta new member process helps create a deeper understanding for our new sisters that goes beyond just sorority life but prepares them for university and their future. Every week throughout the initial semester, the New Member Orientation Director convenes with the latest additions to our sorority, the incoming member class. During these interactive sessions, these newcomers delve into the essence of sisterhood, acquire essential insights into upcoming chapter events and regulations, and establish connections with their newfound companions. These meetings serve as a platform for fostering lasting friendships.

Moreover, these gatherings serve as a crucial forum for imparting a comprehensive understanding of what it truly means to be a member of Alpha Xi Delta. The Director elucidates the distinctive responsibilities that each member shoulders within our sorority. These duties encompass the unwavering commitment to uphold the cherished ideals and standards of Alpha Xi Delta, meeting financial obligations conscientiously, striving for both personal and academic excellence, and actively participating in various chapter activities.

By engaging in these sessions, new members not only gain a profound insight into the values and principles that define our sisterhood but also cultivate a sense of duty and accountability toward the collective success and well-being of Alpha Xi Delta. This holistic approach to orientation lays the foundation for a fulfilling and enriching membership experience, ensuring that each member contributes meaningfully to the vibrant tapestry of our sorority.